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Immigrant Coverage FAQs

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Q1: Who falls under new immigrant/permanent resident status in USA?

Several people come to America from different parts of the world. In general, Non-US Citizen coming to the US and legal resident holding green card or any other visa- that allows a person to live and work in USA, can be considered as an immigrant.


Q 2: Why do I need health insurance?

In the United States, health care cost is very expensive. With health insurance, you protect yourself and your family in the event of any medical situation. Without the insurance your medical bills can be extremely high.


Q 3: What are the different health insurance options available for me as a new immigrant?

Immigrant Visitor Insurance: As a new comer to USA on Green card or any long-term visa, the only immediate health insurance option is to get a new Immigrant Visitor Insurance.

Domestic Health insurance: If you are under age 65, you may enroll into domestic health insurance.

Insurance through employer: If you are employed, your employer may provide you health insurance benefits.

Govt. sponsored programs: If you qualify certain eligibility criteria you may get govt. sponsored programs like Medicare, MediCal, and Medicaid etc. read more details: Medicare, MediCal and Medicaid. Depending on your unique situation you can have different options available for you.
The best course of action for you is to consult with a qualified health insurance expert . They can assess your situation and guide you in the right direction. You can call our customer support and speak to an expert agent: 866-384-9104


Q 4: My parents are coming here on green card; can I include them in my Health Insurance?

- No you cannot.
Domestic insurance are applicable for immediate family members. In legal terms that includes only your spouse and children.


Q 5: I have sponsored green card for my Parents, who live with me, they donít have the health insurance, if any medical situation arises, will I be responsible for their bills?

In most cases "YES", since you have filed the green card sponsorship document, you also submitted an affidavit specifically to take the responsibility of health/medical expenses and care for them.


Q 6. I have heard that there are Govt sponsored health insurance, how can I get advantage?

Govt sponsored programs are not for everyone, there are strict eligibility criteria and, mostly not immigrant friendly.
See if you qualify for it, call our customer support and speak to an expert agent: 866-384-9104

Read more here: Govt. Sponsored Medicare, MediCal, MediCaid infromation.

Q 7: As a new immigrant, am I eligible for Medicare? If not, when will I be eligible for it?

No, the new immigrants are not eligible for government sponsored Medicare plan. To qualify for this plan you should be over 65 years old and should be either a citizen or a green card holder. You should also have accumulated 40 quarter hours of work in the United States. You may purchase Medicare from government if you are an immigrant aged 65 and above, and been a permanent resident for 5 years or more.


Q 8: Can new immigrants purchase visitors insurance plans?

Yes, new immigrants can purchase visitors plan or immigrant plan till they are eligible for Medicare. At ImmigrantCoverage, we have short term health insurance plans for people who can later apply for Medicare coverage or domestic insurance.

Q 9: I have a sepcifc question to be asked , whom to contact?

You can call our customer support and speak to an expert agent: 866-384-9104


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